Profile Picture Analysis – Know about someone’s personality

  • One who seldom changes his/her Display Picture is a calm, peaceful and modest person.


  • One who frequently changes his/her Display Picture is sign of being a restless, having unfixed or dynamic decisions in life.


  • Uploading short status updates is symbolic of happiness or gratification.


  • Frequently changing or uploading status updates is a sign of an explorer; one who is passionate for new things.


  • People who share images often are kind-hearted individuals.


  • Not liking neither responding to other posts is a sign of pride or vanity.


  • One who is swift with responses and liking other posts is a person with a good sense of humor and understands the emotions of other people.


  • Forwarding messages from here and there or creating message chains are symbolic of leadership skills and high concerns.


  • Opening photos or posts of other people immediately is a sign of hospitality, humility and kindness.


  • Attaching old or obsolete posts frequently is a sign of an arrogant person.


  • Overwriting someone else’s posts and keeping own posts just at the top or most viewed sections are trendy people who also share signs of a boastful nature.


  • Not responding or replying to other people’s texts even after reading is symbolic of a narrow-minded character who concludes too soon.


  • The ones who are never socially active or who never share anything are symbolic of selfish traits in human character.


  • People who skip long texts are either lazy or extremely busy people.


  • Ambitious people are the ones who frequently create whatsapp groups.


  • People who try to multi task between whatsapp and any prevalent work/job are the ones who are joyous and have a celebrative approach towards life.

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